Selasa, 27 September 2011

Crafting for insomnia

I’ve sleeping problem whenever Naafi is not around, I just could not put my self to sleep. So, I usually making my self bussy by doing chores, scrapbooking, felting, but NO COOKING. Whenever I’m alone I prefer to buy meal than cook.
This time, as I already posted before, I try to write a tutorial posting. I learn to craft autodidact trough various tutorial, so it’s time to give back J
Couple of weeks ago, I’ve made some felt flower brooch, and my friend said it’s cute. It’s really nice to wear something that u made yourself, don’t u think so too? It’s so easy, but the result turns out beautifull. U won’t need patterns to do this believe me, ok let’s start…

Firstu need pieces of felt fabrics, any size and color will do depend on how big your rose  and what color you  want. You can buy this fabrics from sew store. I bought mine in Bandung, it’s cheaper there. Anyway, I’m using felt scrap (sisaan bahan bekas bikin boneka jari--just lazy to speak in English sorry ^^), there are black, grey, pink, and orange felt that I used for making rose. And off course, I used green  felt fabric for the leafes.

 Secondcut it in circle. You don’t need pattern for this. A glass or cup will do.  I was using small glass to make a circle pattern. And for the leaf, just cut the fabrics as you like it, no need to be perfect, just like natural leafes, they are not perfect and that’s what make them perfect ^^

 Thirdafter making circle, cut the fabrics into spiral form, no needs to be carefull, the rough edges you make, the better your rose results, nice isn’t it ^^ 
Forthwhen you done cutting into spiral form, what you need to is rolled it up with your hand, and then glue it to the leaf. I was running out of glue last night, so I sew them instead, and it works just fine. If you prefer glue, you can use fabrics glue, or hot glue (lem lilin atau lem bakar—sorry ^^), sometimes I use UHU all purpose glue, and it came out ok too :)
Fifththere you have it, your own rose felt. You can wear it as brooches, hair pin, put it on your hair band, or decorating tissue box, just put it anywhere you like it. I’m making brooches for my friends by putting brooches plat behind the leafes. Here is my rose felt…it’s so nice to have our own hand made give away 

Since i sew, i put the pink beads in the center ^^
Rossy suri :)
i should've made a larger circle :(
Suri and Ummi Ayra...pose ^^

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  1. baggguussss
    andai aku sekreatif dirimu :((

  2. aku juga mau skreatif dirimu :D

  3. Bagus sekali, mbak.
    Saya mau bikin juga, ah. Kebetulan kain felt-ku masih banyak. TFS, ya....

  4. kreatif dan kren.. :