Senin, 26 September 2011

Bunda Free Time

Naafi and Ayah are in Bandung right now spending time together at Granny’s house, while Bunda (that’s me) stay alone at home *sigh. So, there’s not much to do at home after work but making a new blog for our virtual home. 
Bunda was using girly templates before, yet since Duo Ganteng (The Handsome Duo—I like to call them that way, that’s my love call ^^) love airplane, so Bunda change it into rocket template that Bunda downloaded from And it came out fantastic!
I’m done decorating our blog, it’s time for googling. Bunda just love to craft  and planning to upload some tutorial, still preparing for the picture so it’ll come out nicely, still have difficulty to get WYSIWYG picture (I don’t know if this is the right word to say it ^^) . Everytime Bunda making picture, color in the picture change, for example when Bunda making a purple felt flower,and took the picture, it turn into blue flower in the picture. Hope I can figure it out later, really dying to share my tutorial in our new blog.

2 komentar:

  1. teh si napi so cute, like ur template, plane, love it

  2. thanks ateu puteri, ajarin ngeblog yaks...ateu hebat ih aktip pisan, sampe bikin2 kuis ^^
    ehm ada rencana mau bikin mainan anak, tar bunda sumbang deh sapa tau ateu bikin kuis anak-anak